Research and Development

To date (2008-16), secured research awards exceed £5.6million from sources including the European Union FP7 Programme, the NCRI, the NIHR, MCCC/CRUK Awards and MCCC/Dimbleby Cancer Care, regional strategic health organisations and the University of Liverpool.

Within this period, the Institute has published over 120 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including the PLoS Medicine, the BMJ, Pain & Symptom Management and Palliative Medicine, Support Care Cancer, British Journal of Cancer and Clinical Teacher. Additionally, the MCPCIL present a strong presence at key national (APM, PCC, NCRI) and international (EAPC) conferences.

OPCARE9 Report
OPCARE9 Information

OPCARE9 was a European Commission FP7 Collaboration and Support Action programme, completed in March 2011. Its researchers and clinicians have now established IORC: an International OPCARE Research Collaborative which develops research protocols for future collaborative working.

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